As an important part of the ICSA Strategy, the Association has developed the Code of Charity Retailing. The code is a big step for the Association and will give us a stronger voice. We will be setting our own standards and have control over our own regulation. The Code will apply to member charities from January 2011.

Introduction to the Code

This Code sets out the good practice members of the Association are required to observe (must) as well as outlining additional good practice that is advised but optional (should).

This Code may be amended from time to time to take account, for example, of legislative changes during the year.

The aims of the Code are:

  • To promote good practice and high standards in charity retailing
  • To promote public confidence in and support for charity shops
  • To increase donations to charity shops, both straight into shops and through house-to-house collections.
  • To get positive publicity for charity shops
  • To promote awareness of legitimate charity shops and to help stamp out dishonest and bogus activities

Download the full Code here

Any questions you have about the Code may be answered in our FAQ's

Download the FAQs here