Decluttering is a task that many of us find challenging. So much more than putting unwanted or broken items into black bags, it's a therapeutic process that requires a change in mindset, offering many short and long-term gains. Declutter Therapist Breda Stack, founder of National Declutter Day, is passionate about making decluttering more accessible, practical and enjoyable for people all over Ireland.

The aims of National Declutter Day are to:

  • create awareness around the practical and holistic benefits of decluttering
  • support the donation of unwanted items to charity
  • encourage the reusing and recycling of unwanted items

Having helped many people to overcome their struggles with unwanted possessions over the past few years, Breda made some interesting findings. Although most people genuinely want to declutter, fear and overwhelm often get in the way. With the focus on decluttering as a valuable personal process, National Declutter Day encourages us to take stock.

Donating to charity is a feel-good exercise and is a great way to extend the life of your unloved, good-condition items. National Declutter Day partners who would be delighted to receive your items are Enable Ireland, Irish Cancer Society, Limerick Animal Welfare and NCBI Retail. Check with your charity in advance to see what's being accepted and drop items directly to your local charity shop.

National Declutter Day advocates reusing and recycling as socially and environmentally-friendly activities. Recycle objects which may unsuitable for donation and give unwanted items to others free of charge with the support of Regional Waste Management Office (RMWO) and Freetrade Ireland.

Breda says "National Declutter Day celebrates decluttering as a therapeutic process that helps us and others. I feel privileged to be in a position to support great Irish charities and services that care for the environment as part of my work."

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National Declutter Day, Saturday 29th September 2012.