Minister of Justice, Alan Shatter, has announced that the government have approved his proposals to proceed with the establishment of the Charities Regulatory Authority. This will come into operation in 2014 and is the first step in publishing a list of registered charities. The public consultations are now published on the Dept of Justice website.
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Martin Conway (FG, administrative) asked for a debate on the implementation  of the Charities Act (Seanad Eireann, 13th November 2013, 499). There should be a charities register, which should be funded from the charity sector itself.  Every time people put a  euro in a budget, bought a line or donated clothes, they were handing over something they had worked hard to obtain.  People would like to see the charity sector properly regulated.  There were many organizations working on a shoestring budget, but there were others, unfortunately, less noble about how they did their business.  The legislation was in place and only needed to be implemented.  We needed a debate to discuss the good work being done and expose those less honourable in conducting their business.  Click for full text