SVP Laurence Centre Drogheda

Once upon a time...... Lisa in SVP Drogeda sent in a picture of her Christmas window to the ICSA facebook page with a simple caption.

"Leave a little Sparkle Wherever you Go " SVP Laurence Centre, Drogheda Christmas window display all made out of broken jewellery from shop #Reduce##Reuse##Recycle#

We posted it on our facebook page on 29th November and it got a great reaction.  This was picked up by the page of Charity Shop Visual Merchandising and Display,based in the UK, and posted on their page. This was liked by so many people that it was one of the Top 10 Christmas Windows and one of the Top 20 Charity Shop Windows 2016! And that's in the UK and Ireland.

And all from one facebook message! So well done to Lisa and her team in Drogheda!