"Charities lose out on much needed funds as bogus collectors trawl the country"

The Irish Deaf Society (IDS)  has seen an increase in 2017 in the number of reported collections on behalf of the Deaf Community by bogus collectors.

The Garda have instructed us on what procedures that we must follow when we receive notification of bogus collections taking place.

  • The person must report directly to the Gardai (The IDS cannot do this on their behalf)
  • The person witnessing the collection must report it directly to the Gardai.
  • As much information as possible, description, detail, time, etc.
  • Report the incident to the IDS so that we can then follow it up.
  • The IDS do not do door to door collections
  • The IDS asks that, for your own safety, you do not approach these collectors, leave this to the Gardai.