We are facing uncertain and unprecedented times, not only as retailers but as a global population.

First and foremost, the safety of our teams, staff and volunteers is the most important thing. Nearly all of our members have now suspended trading and do not know when their shops will reopen.

These are challenging times for everyone. Our members work with people who face difficulties in their lives every day, and these are made more challenging with the risk of Covid-19 facing them.

Our members work with people in extreme poverty, with physical and mental challenges, with the homeless, elderly people and disadvantaged communities nationwide. Covid-19 has made their situation even more difficult so please support your local charity by supporting our members. 

Donations - cash

Although our shops are closed and we cannot accept clothing donations, many of our members have online resources to accept cash donations. Please give what you can to support the charity of your choice financially. Give what you can, and if you have the option, please give an unrestricted donation.

Donations - clothing

If you are doing a declutter, please save your clothing donations until your local charity shop reopens. If you are donating to your local clothing bank, please make sure you are putting it into a reputable clothing bank, where 100% goes to a registered charity. If you can, hold on to those donations until your local shop reopens and drop them in directly to the shop. You may be at home for the next number of weeks and it is a great opportunity to clear out those items you no longer need. All our members will need donations when we get through this pandemic.

Please volunteer

And if you have some time on your hands, come and volunteer in your local charity shop, once our shops reopen. We will need all the help and support we can get and you will make some new friends and gain some valuable experience. Time is the most valuable thing you can donate to any charity.

Charity shops are at the heart of every community, providing support, great value merchandise and a place for people from all walks of life to volunteer. Please help us and do all you can to ensure your local charity shop gets through this difficult time.

Stay safe and healthy.

Mark Sweeney

ICSA Chairperson