Charity retail has been at the forefront of the circular economy and sustainable fashion in Ireland for decades.

What is the circular economy and why is it important?
A circular economy aims to maintain the value of products, materials and resources for as long as possible by returning them into the product cycle at the end of their use, while minimising the generation of waste. The fewer products we discard, the less materials we extract, the better for our environment.

Recent events have marked a change in consumer attitudes where more people are questioning how they shop, whether it is sustainable and are looking for an alternative. Charity shops provide a ready alternative to fast fashion, furniture and homeware with the added benefit of supporting a worthwhile cause.

Why partner with the ICSA?

  • We represent 43 charities operating nearly 500 shops nationwide
  • We are the voice of charity retail in Ireland
  • We have a substantial online presence reaching over 200,000 users per year across multiple channels
  • Dedicated members area for targeted advertising
  • Relaunch of website in early 2022 with a clean, new look

How does your business benefit?

  • Consumer reach by advertising on our website
  • Inside track to our members through our Members’ Area
  • Sponsor profile on our social media once a quarter
  • Better advertising opportunities on our shiny new website
  • Opportunity to sponsor and/or exhibit at our annual conference and awards

Be part of the sustainable movement.

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