Charity Shops are a treasure trove of unique and wonderful gifts. From the must-have Christmas jumper to beautiful jewellery, a lovely vase or a set of wine glasses, toys and jigsaws for the children or an outfit for you; you never know what you’ll find in a charity shop.

In the consumer fest that Christmas can be, why not make this year different. Celebrate a greener festive season and reduce your Christmas carbon footprint by reusing something rather than buying a new product. Your local charity shops are a great place to start.  Find the perfect gift for your loved ones – and something special for yourself and limit your impact on our planet.

You can find your local charity shop in our shops directory on

You can also shop at your favourite charity shop online. Lots of our charity shop members have their own online shops on thriftify, ebay, Facebook, Instagram. Check them out and find the perfect gift from the comfort of your sofa!