Vision & Strategy

Vision, Mission and Values

ICSA members benefit from sharing information and the support we receive from each other. Members range from large national charities to community based local charities and currently our 39 members operate over 450 shops nationwide. All our members are registered with the Charities Regulator, and have CHY registration with the Revenue Commissioners.

Our Association’s vision is a thriving and diverse charity retail sector in Ireland, which supports both individual charities and the Association, and adds value to local communities.

Our Association’s mission is to provide leadership and support for charity retailing in Ireland.



  • We represent small and large charity retailers
  • We promote equal opportunities
  • We promote community involvement and social inclusion


  • All our activities are approved by the members
  • Everyone has a voice
  • Each charity has an equal voice irrespective of size


  • We provide networking opportunities for our members through:
  • Meetings
  • Workshops
  • Conference
  • Website and social media


  • Representative of the sector
  • Experts in our field
  • Standard setting


  • Act in the interest of the whole membership
  • Value for money
  • Keep members informed of new legislation

Strategy 2015-2020

Overall Goal
To significantly improve the Association’s capacity to provide support for its members in operating charity shops.

Strategic Aims
1. Provide a forum for information sharing and networking both for members and the general public

  • Provide a forum for shop managers through facebook
  • Develop the website/social media reach for both members and the general public
  • Enhance member buy in and engagement with the Association
  • Develop our regional meetings

2. Campaign to increase public awareness of the benefits of donating/shopping/volunteering in ICSA member charity shops

  • Increase members engagement with the Association
  • Promotion of the logo/membership of the ICSA as a badge of legitimacy
  • Review of the Code of Charity Retailing

3. Carry out effective lobbying on relevant issues on behalf of members

  • Register the ICSA as a lobbyist organisation
  • Be a credible voice with the Charities Regulator on issues relevant to the charity retail sector
  • Networking with other agencies

4. Continue to expand the membership

  • Increase the profile of the ICSA through the media, website and social media

How the Association was formed
Officially launched in 2000 in University College Dublin, the Irish Charity Shops Association was formed following a seminar organised by Dr Tony Parker, former Head of Retail Studies at UCD. He has kindly agreed to be Patron of the Association.